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Boss Collection Matte Cream

Boss Collection Matte Cream


Simple, chic, and classically beautiful, the Boss collection  never go out of style. This crowd-pleasing candle is double wicked 15 oz candle with appox 55-60 hrs burn time. Our Boss collection comes in a variety of colors and fragrances to choose from.

  • Maple Cream Latte

    Stir a splash of rich maple cream flavor into your gorgeous dark coffee for a total caffeine dream.  Lift your day and warm your spirits with this dreamy fragrance. This is a great Coffee Fragrance.

  • Cedar & Saffron

    An exotic fragrance journey in one adventurous aroma.  Warm and Spicy fragrance of Saffron from India blended with earthy woods.  Additional notes of vanilla and musk, with top notes of grapefruit and fresh bergamot. Elegant and unique.

  • Warm Apple Crisp

    Fresh and hot from the oven.  True to its name, rich and sweet with swirls  of caramel and cinnamon!  Fresh sweet apples drizzled in butter. 

  • Mistletoe

    A holiday pine scent with top notes of berries and sweet apples followed with crisp pine needles on a base of light clove and soothing woods.

  • Honey Pear Cider

    Honey pear cider.  Warm fresh, juicy pear with rich sweet honey together with hints of spice.

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